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3M Certified

3M is a global innovation company that is in the forefront of many industries and have aided in improving the daily lives of or hundreds of millions of people all over the world, made driving at night easier, made buildings safer, and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment. In a nutshell 3M originating from United States of America is a global business worth of over $ 30 billion with operations in over 65 countries and 3M products are sold in nearly 200 countries.

A signage needs four components to make a message stand out: a great design, the right graphics materials, a skilled graphics manufacturer and an expert graphics installer. One without the other can reflect badly on the whole job, reducing the impact the brand owner wants to achieve.

A 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company is a company which has undergone several programmes of 3M to be trained in the correct application and usage of 3M products which in turn enables them to use 3M products in their signage.

3M is specialized in 6 different industries and one of them is Display and Graphics Business. Based on 3M's powerful technology platforms, they provide products such as display enhancement films, reflective materials, eye-catching graphics, projection systems and more which are used for indoor and outdoor advertising purposes.

Sign Tech Advertising Services (Pvt) Ltd is the only 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company for the 2012 up-to date. We are able to exclusively use 3M Graphics in our signage to enhance your signage and give you better value for your money. We are listed in 3Mgraphics.com as a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company. The 3M Certification is shown below for your reference.

The 3M Advantage

Sustainable Signage

Long-term solutions to signage is one of the biggest problems faced by organizations these days. Due to the availability of inferior products at highly economical prices, the usage of high quality material has all but disappeared from today's business environment.

But 3M produces graphic film material which are of superior quality and when compared is the best material available for this purpose. The topmost advantage 3M has is in its sustainability in its products. 3M uses an array of testing methods, cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality checking to ensure the best products are provided to their customers.

All these steps are taken ensure that your signage becomes a sustainable signage. To ensure that it is not just a temporary signage to your needs but a complete solution for your signage requirements.

Weathering and Durability Testing

3M goes beyond industry standards by using a battery of tests, including 20 accelerated-weathering tests and a series of 3M-proprietary test methods, which are recognized internationally as improved predictors of real-world weathering results.

3M's Weathering Resource Center (WRC) coordinates outdoor weathering tests at 15 sites around the world, exposing products to a range of environmental stresses —from the scorching desert heat of Arizona and the tropical humidity of Thailand, to the bitter winter cold of Minnesota.

Original 3M Guarantee is provided for your signage

3M USA via 3M Sri Lanka offers you a direct guarantee for any 3M products which may be used in your signage. The period of guarantee may vary from 3 years up-to 7 years depending on the products used. This is a guarantee which is unmatched by a single producer in the display and graphics industry. Even signs which are exposed to harsh elements such as direct sunlight, UV ray exposure etc is covered by this guarantee.

It is our recommendation that 3M graphics be used for your signage in order to give it unsurpassable quality which cannot be matched with any product which is currently available along with durability to your signage.

Environmentally Preferred Solutions

These products have no monomeric plasticizers or polyvinylchloride in their constructions and are made with less solvent during manufacturing compared to traditional solvent-based adhesive coated products. Chloride-free constructions such as these eliminate halogen-related disposal concerns. When compared to solvent inks, VOC emissions are dramatically reduced when printing with UV inks, resulting in graphic constructions that have less impact on the environment.

Reliable Performance

These products are subjected to the most rigorous tests to ensure that they work in order to produce digital graphics of supreme quality, consistency and durability.

3M offers a wide range of products with practical solutions to most signage requirements

Using the latest technologies one of the most comprehensive lines of products is developed to help deliver your vision. 3M is the leader in the industry with innovative digital printing materials, delivering an exceptional range of graphic films, as well as over-laminates, inks, toners, clear coats and application tools.

Global Consistency and Support

The same quality is given globally to all 3M products ensuring the same high levels of standards are consistent throughout.

3M local office and their certified partners would ensure that the support you require in product selection, design and installation are provided whenever required.

3M Display and Graphics Products

3M™ Diamond Grade™ DG3 Reflective Sheeting Series 4000

3M Diamond Grade DG3 Reflective sheets is a state-of-the-art, full cube prismatic reflective sheeting that delivers optimal performance at all sight distances. Its optical elements return almost 60 percent of available light to drivers—nearly double that of other prismatic sheetings. This is highly recommended for traffic signage on Highways. It's high reflectivity and durability makes it the perfect material for this type of application.

3M Controltac Graphic Film Series

This is ideal for durable long-term graphics in Fleet and General Signage Applications. The Repositionable Controltac Adhesive makes graphic placement on flat and curved surfaces easier. This is covered by a warranty of 7 years by 3M MCS Warranty.

3M Scotchcal™ Graphic Film IJ40C

This film is specially developed for Piezo Inkjet printing using solvent-based and UV-curable inks and is used for signage, display, fleet and interior applications. This is offered a 5 year warranty by 3M.

3M and Sign Tech Partnership

3M Certificate

Sign Tech Advertising Services (Pvt) Ltd is proud to be the sole 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company up-to date for the year 2012 in Sri Lanka. This certification was obtained via undergoing several programs with 3M to ensure that all product materials be utilized in the approved manner when fabricating signage.

The Certificate of 3M Graphic Installer for year 2012 received by Sign Tech Advertising Services is shown below for your reference. For every authentic 3M Certified Graphic Installer this certificate is provided by the 3M Company. To safeguard your own interests please insist to see this certificate by a supplier of 3M.

Due to this certification Sign Tech is able to provide you the original 3M MCS Warranty from 3M USA via 3M Sri Lanka office. This warranty period varies from 3 years upto 7 years from the date of manufacture.

Some samples of Signage fabricated using 3M material.

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