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Fascia Sign

A fascia or a façade sign plays a vital role in providing accurate identification for your business. Sign-tech provides modern, contemporary and traditional signage solutions made using the latest technology and these can be fabricated as per your specifications: flat panels from material such as Aluminium composite (Cladding) sheets, acrylic sheets, poly-carbonate sheets or even flex fascia and logos and letters can be produced using acrylic for flat cut letters for a two-dimensional look or opt for a moulded letter using fiberglass resins for a three dimensional look with a depth ranging from 25mm to even 150mm.

Fascia signs can also be made from mirror finished stainless steel, brass or copper with a 3D look by illuminating the moulded letters for a backlit or a silhouetted effect by using neon tubes or LED with 3M translucent film for light enhancement and are ideal for all types of businesses including shops, supermarkets, showrooms, medium and large-scale businesses.

Fascia Sign applied projects