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Financial institutions

Our end-to-end services for banks and financial institutions include product design, interior way-finding and sign system planning, graphic design, prototyping, manufacturing and installation. A signage solution for a financial institution has to cater to both customers and staff. The signage has to aesthetically appeal and be functional while simultaneously being easy maintenance and of durability.  

 Our portfolio of customers include almost all the major Banks and Financial institutes in the country.

  • Seylan Bank - More than 175 branches branded island-wide
  • People's Bank - The complete logo rebranding was done by Sign Tech
  • Regional Development Bank - More than 150 branches branded island-wide
  • Bank of Ceylon - More than 250 branches branded island-wide
  • National Savings Bank
  • Sanasa Development Bank - The complete logo rebranding was done by Sign Tech for 88 branches island-wide
  • State Mortgage and Investment Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Duetsche Bank
  • People's Leasing & Finance
  • LOLC
  • Browns
  • Melsta Regal
  • Mercantile Investments

Financial institutions applied projects