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Stainless steel and brass

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel signs have a contemporary, fashionable and an edgy look that exuberates sophistication and is an ideal signage solution for corporate spaces, receptions and warehouses that provides nothing short of a lasting first impression. Stainless steel signs can be used in various environments: exterior signage, interior reception signage, memorial or opening plaques for buildings, smaller signage for departments, name plates, way finding signage etc.

The signage comes in brushed or polished finishes and in a variety of thicknesses. These can be made into 3D lettering for a raised effect or can chemically etched on the stainless steel or cut lettering can be mounted onto wood, transparent acrylic, metal or any surface which is required. Logos can be illuminated using LED or neon tubes to give a silhouetted effect known as a ‘halo’ effect. 

Brass and Copper Signs

Brass signs on the contrary exude a professional demeanour with a traditional feel to it as it portrays integrity and assurance. Brass signs are ideal to portray class, professionalism, sophistication and are ideal for banks and law firms.

Brass signage can be fabricated to have either a brushed or a polished finish and can be made into raised letters with a 3 dimensional look from thicknesses up to 2” or engraved details on the brass sign. These signs can be directly installed onto the wall or can be fixed onto a fascia of wood, acrylic, aluminium composite sheets etc.

Stainless steel and brass applied projects